Some travel in search of adventure, some to escape a busy life. Others travel for work, while many travel to come home. The art of travel differs from generation to generation, and from people to people. This is ours, how about yours?


Travel builds relationships. Travel unites. Travel is less of the sightseeing and more of the experience. It is delving deep into a culture and making attempts to understand and empathise, as opposed to just being an onlooker in a foreign land.

Here at Phocus Travel, we aspire to give you experiences of cultural coalescence, bound by friendship and trust.

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  • Solo – If you believe that awakening alone in an unfamiliar town is one of the most thrilling sensations in the world, then you are a solo traveler.
  • Couple – Make your experience a more fulfilling one by traveling with a partner, spouse, friend or parent.
  • Families and Children – Feed the curiosity of your kids, while rediscovering the world together.
  • Intrepid Over 60 – Trips for over 60s, from the unexplored to luxury, and many other special interests.
  • For Women Only – A stress-free, safe, relaxed and fun break is all a woman wants from time to time.
  • Flashpacking – Discover the adventurer in you without compromising on luxury and style.
  • Digital Detox – If you seek to unplug and completely sign-off from work and the outside world, these trips are for you.
  • Career Break – How about taking a break before taking a new step in life?
  • Independent Traveler – You really don’t need a planned itinerary to travel – in these trips you choose what fits best for you.


Thanks to technology, we suddenly realised that the world has become much smaller. Do we still care about geography or no longer want to travel perpetually?

We believe that travel is important for all of us, as is achieving our career goals and having a happy home-life.

So when you plan your trip with us, the first question you can always expect is ‘What is your style of travel?’ This simple question sums up our philosophy of a new way of living while traveling.

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SkyZeg enables people and organizations to perform better. We share knowledge, innovation and best practice to make excellence a habit – all over the world, every day.

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